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Trusted by thousands of Australian businesses, since 1989

When you need a business or personal loan, and the confidence it will get approved, Laurentide can help.

We’re one of Australia’s largest and most respected brokerages. Focusing on superior service and support, we’re still working with clients we first met more than two decades ago. They keep coming back because they know that whatever they need, we’ll get it done. Whether that’s a loan for the latest technology, a luxury car or specialised manufacturing equipment, we’ll get it done. What’s more, we’ll do it quickly and with competitive terms negotiated with the banks on your behalf.


Laurentide clients benefit from lower interest rates, faster approvals and additional assistance in managing their assets efficiently and effectively with various financing options.

  • Chattel mortgages

  • Leases

  • Novated leases

  • Commercial hire purchases

  • Property financing

  • Operating leases

  • Vendor finance programs

  • And other flexible financing solutions

Why choose us?

  • Over 30 years’ experience

    Since 1988, we've been getting applications right, first time, saving you time and money

  • Personalised, efficient service

    Deal with the same person, every time, for faster, smoother transactions

  • Flexible financing, tailored to your needs

    Take advantage of our relationships with major banks and lenders

  • Peace of  mind

    Get our honest, expert opinion completely free of obligation

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