03 Nov

Am I Able To Finance A Private Sale?

The age old question that gets asked, without doubt, every day of the week. Whether it’s a vehicle or a piece of equipment the answer… [ continue reading ]

29 Sep

Need Money for your Business and have Unencumbered Assets?

Ever thought of capital raising? This is when the bank lends you money against an asset you already own, for the value (or near enough… [ continue reading ]

04 Aug

Genuine Unsecured Business Loans Have Finally Arrived!

Business lending in Australia for SME has always been on the basis of the applicant providing real estate security. Bank business loans are in reality… [ continue reading ]

16 Jun

Managing Insurance Premiums

All business owners have a legal obligation to insure employees against accidents and work related illness, but paying premiums in a lump sum puts pressure… [ continue reading ]

03 Mar

Credit reporting is going to change

Did you know that credit reporting is going to change? If you are looking for financing after the 12th March, you could be in for… [ continue reading ]

07 Nov

Regulatory Body Helping Small Business

Recently Laurentide attended the CAFBA AGM (Commercial Finance Brokers Association).  We have been a member of CAFBA for a number of years, it is our… [ continue reading ]