16 Dec

Christmas Poem

2013 is coming to a close very quickly some have found it to be a great year and others not so.  However your year has been the team and Laurentide want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and share with you a poem.


One of our brokers’s, Peter Paling wrote this poem and read it our Christmas party and we are sharing this with you….


Another year has passed us by, a window in our life

For some much grief and poverty, for others war and strife

For lucky folk like us a year of hope, of peace and love,

And for all the things we cherish, we thank the Lord above.


I hurt my leg and felt real bad, till I saw a man with one

I didn’t really like my lunch, till I saw a bloke with none.

My TV isn’t Plasma, my mobile phone drops out,

I haven’t got a block of flats, but is that what life’s about?


When you have good friends and family, fair health and love to share

Be grateful for the things you have, and show those friends, you care.

I know this year I drank too much, and overate a bit….

As you can see, there’s lots of me, happy as a pig in shxx!


How quick the year has passed us by - where has it gone you say?

Did we miss a month or two? What happened yesterday?

Yes 2013 has had its share of problems and solutions.

But hand on heart and full of hope, I make these resolutions:


No arguments with those I love, though disagree I might.

I humbly accept their misguided views, even though I know I’m right!

I’m going to offer wise counsel, and help others when I can,

Together we can move ahead now Tony is our man.


I resolve to work much hard, of days are not too sunny,

As I’d like to retire at seventy-five, though I may not have the money!

But most of all, dear friends I resolve, to be content with what I’ve got,

To thank the Lord for what I have, and be happy with my lot.


Life brings joy and sadness too, some heartache never ends,

Resolutions come and go, but not you, my wonderful friends.

Were I ever going to lose you, you would have gone by now,

But we’ve stuck together all these years, sometimes I wonder how!


So raise your glasses one and all,

Give a hug to someone near

Wish everyone Merry Christmas

And Have a Happy New Year.

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