03 Oct

Operating Lease, what is it and how will it benefit you?

An Operating Lease is a great way to keep capital purchases off your Balance Sheet and can be used for large corporations and small businesses alike.

Throughout the lease term, you have exclusive use of your vehicles while the financier holds all Residual Value risk. If the car has been serviced and maintained properly, and taking into account normal wear and tear, you can simply hand the car back at the end of the term.

An Operating Lease can offer you peace of mind and budgeting with a set rental payment each month over a fixed term.

A Fully Maintained Operating Lease allows your business to claim the full expense and running costs of your fleet as well as the lease payments via one easy budgeted monthly instalment, offering a tax effective solution that also transfers the risk away from your business!

Benefits of Operating Lease in your business:

  • Fixed monthly repayments for the length of the lease
  • You won't build equity - the responsibility for the residual value remains with the finance company, so there is no risk of asset loss on sale of your vehicle
  • Regular payment structure
  • Comprehensive reporting keeps you informed of vehicle usage and vehicle replacement dates

An Operating Lease can be used for one vehicle or thousand’s of vehicles, depending on what you need.

Who looks after the maintenance – DIY or outsource?

Irrespective of the type of fleet you run, you can choose to retain the costs of all maintenance in-house (Non Maintained Operating Lease) or include the maintenance and running costs (Fully Maintained Operating Lease), effectively removing your maintenance risk.

Should you choose a Fully Maintained Operating Lease we have the contacts who can manage every aspect of your fleet including servicing, repairs, accident and breakdown assistance, registration and insurance, fuel cards and more. This eliminates the administrative burden of running a fleet.

Already own your fleet?

Even if you already own your own fleet, you can still reap all the benefits of an Operating Lease.  Through a ‘Sale and Lease Back’ transaction you can sell your fleet to our partner and they will lease it back to you.

Your fleet will be off the Balance Sheet, your valuable cash will be liberated for use elsewhere in your business and the burden of owning ageing assets will be passed to our partner. You can easily switch to one of our Leases with no operational impact on your business.

Personal Leasing

Want to provide a no fuss, no cost reward for your employees? Personal leasing is gaining popularity with astute employers as a way to attract and retain good staff with extra benefits.

Our Personal Leasing option delivers an average saving on individual staff vehicle costs of $2,200 per year, making this a great way of increasing take-home pay without any actual increase in salary without any risk to you.

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