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12 Nov

How walking the Camino Frances has helped me with my Business.

Combination of PhotosI am back at my desk and still shaking my head.  I know I did it as I have the sore knees, feet and shoulders to prove it, but what I can’t believe is I ACTUALLY walked 800 kms on the Camino Frances in Spain!

I had done the research and the training but nothing could prepare me for the real thing – getting up day after day for 6 weeks, strapping on your back pack on and walking between 20-25 kms a day! Some days were long and some days were short but everyday was a different day and you just had to roll with it.

I embarked on the trip all by myself, I had friends saying they wanted to join me but as the date for leaving drew closer, they all fell away and I am glad, as this is a journey which can be better appreciated by yourself.  I never felt alone or scared, I was always surrounded by people and I made some really great friends.  You get to truly know a person when you spend hours walking with them.

I could truly switch off from my world and immerse myself in this walk – the only thing I had to worry about was where we were going to stay the next night, and how long to my next coffee/breakfast/lunch/ cerveza (beer) and/ or vino tinto (red wine) break.   I came to appreciate the simple way of life and I am now struggling to get back into the working routine.


But I am grateful for this walk and what is has taught me.  I learned a lot on this walk, both from a business and personal level but the things that stick in my mind most are -

  • Be willing to accept and ask for help – It is not a sign of weakness!
  • Be yourself, people will be drawn to who you are;
  • Don’t get stressed about the process. As long as you have a plan/ outcome, how you get there is insignificant.
  • If the plan/ outcome is not working change it!
  • All goals are achievable you just need to break it down – it can be as simple as just putting one foot in front of the other.
  • When all else fails just laugh – don’t take yourself too seriously, life is all about having fun and adventure and when you start laughing all tension is broken.

Happy to share with you more of my walk, feel free to give me a call.

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