15 Nov

We turned 30!

We are celebrating our 30th Year in business!

Our story goes something along the lines of

A group of youngish gents (Roger Vincent, Roger Squire & Michael Kean) got together to form a brokering company, they had no idea what to call it, but one of them had lived in Canada and liked the name Laurentide. (there was a Laurentide Financial company in Canada that went broke, but don’t hang that on us), and hence that became the name.  Seven months later they found another younger gent, who had some idea about car financing and he was looking to join a new firm, so Kevin became a new director.

A short time later, Peter Paling was bought on board. A colourful character who introduced the gents to lunches; the longer the better! We are pleased to advise this tradition still continues; and then there were 5.

Next came the great Bill Coote, who entered with his own reputation, (make your own mind up about this).  A very experienced Colin Finkelde, joined after a long stint with the bank and that was that for a while. Time went on, and the 21st Century caught up with the gents who had an actual ledger book to record the accounts!  More Senior staff were employed and slowly but surely Laurentide transformed into a very competitive firm.

The directors, Tony Cook joined us and bought a different element to out business.  The Roger’s and the outspoken Bill Coote have now retired. Roger’s son, Bill Vincent stepped into his Dad’s shoes and along came Sam, Warwick and Andrew, and now each of the directors are building their own teams.

We celebrated this milestone on the 30th August and had a party with the financiers. It was a chance to meet some of the people who we do business with every day, who help us look after you too.

On behalf of Laurentide; THANK YOU for such a successful 30 years and hopefully many more to come!



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