08 Oct

Holidays, Business, Balance

I recently took a week off leading up to the long weekend in October with my daughter, her boyfriend & two of their surfing buddies. Crescent Head is a great place to clear your head and balance out your work play environment. I am very fortunate to have great support in my business which is fabulous when you go away on a break.

All my clients are looked after in a professional manner & I even took a few mobile calls whilst swapping my work clothes for board shorts & tee shirt to chat to some clients about their finance needs. Such a stress free environment to still keep your hand in where needed while holidaying.

Anyway my time in Crescent saw a few beers and a few barbeques go down with a couple of new deals from happy clients. Who could ask for more? Well as it happens the long weekend culminated in a three day music festival with friends & guess what, bumping in to a couple of clients at the same festival. A great time was had by all!

Any way back to reality & a real office now.

Thanks to Tina & all the great staff at Laurentide for supporting the business in my absence.


Written By Kevin Wickenden

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