04 Dec

How Quickly Time Flies

It is coming up to 7 years since long time Laurentide Partner Colin Finkelde had his life saving kidney transplant. Colin was born with a hereditary kidney disease, called Polycystic Kidney Disease. The disease can affect people at any age, however Colin’s first came to light around 30 years of age.

His kidney’s eventually failed some 17 years later, when he was forced to start his treatment, which was 4 times a day for 2 months. Following the initial treatment, his treatment was done at home, every night for 9 hours, whilst he was asleep. However, like all treatments, there were a number of issues faced, and many sleepless nights.

This treatment, called Peritoneal Dialysis, lasted for a little over 2 years, before not working to the Doctor’s satisfaction. As a result, Colin needed to change his treatment to Haemodialysis, which required 3 trips a week to the hospital, for 5 hours of treatment.

Haemodialysis involves the need to insert needles into a fistulas and shunts, already inserted into Colin’s arm and neck.

Following a serious infection whilst on Haemodialysis, which caused septicaemia, Colin was admitted into Royal North Hospital. Whilst in hospital, Colin’s good mate Steve Woodward visited him, and witnessed firsthand how very sick Colin was.

Unbeknown to Colin, Steve had been discussing the idea of donating a kidney to Colin with his wife, who was very much in favour of the idea. Whilst visiting Colin, Steve looked at his medical notes at the end of his bed, and made a note of Colin’s Renal specialist, Dr Yvonne Chen.

Steve contacted Dr Chen, and made an appointment, to discuss the possibility of donating a kidney. Steve started with the basic tests, ie blood compatibility, however the main obstacle, was going to be Steve’s weight, as he weighed 128 kgs.

Steve started on a strict diet, and rigorous training regime, with the weight coming off easily in the beginning. He continued having tests of every description, including tissue, scans, x-rays, and every organ tested and retested, to insure his compatibility, and ongoing health prospects.

Colin was completely unaware of Steve’s generous gift, until informed by Dr Chen, that Steve had undertaken many tests, and that the results of the tests were confirmed, and he was compatible. Steve still had to lose a few extra kilos, however, a date was set in November 2008, subject to Colin undertaking a few more tests.

However on one of Colin’s final tests , a small blockage was found in one of his arteries. As a result, Colin could not have a stent, due to the drugs he would have to take, and he was booked into have a bypass. This was a very difficult time, however it did give Steve a little longer to lose those last stubborn kilos.

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