08 Aug

The Joy Of Buying A New Car!

The residual on my car was expiring and I needed to make the decision to either buy a new one or refinance the residual.

Being in the industry I have a little idea about cars, (little being the word here) but when it comes to my car, I find my taste and my budget don’t seem to match.  We went looking and I felt really depressed as nothing seemed to excite me and the ones that did were certainly out of my price range.

I have often said to clients “take the emotion out of it, as it just a car” – how wrong I have been!  There is a lot of emotion involved in buying a new car, I love driving and spend a lot of time in my car so we needed a car I could race around the city in, a car my partner could fit into, and a car for our long drives over summer.

About a month later, after coming back from holidays, I had decided to buy the new car.

Next – do I sell my car privately or trade in?

This is where the fun starts talking to the dealer, getting numbers for new car and the trade in.  WHY IS THE PROCESS SO HARD?  The dealers seem to be incapable of giving you a firm price, there was a lot of to and fro, and while they were out checking my trade –in, I found the exact car I wanted.  It was a demo and it had a price listed but off course this is not the price you get it for.

I finally had some pricing to work with.  I said I needed to think about it.  Was I doing the right thing, should I go for a new one.  I rang the boys that know, and after a brief chat knew it was OK.  Now do I do the trade-in or not?  I eventually did the trade in with the dealer, only because the thought of selling my car privately was going to be too stressful, as I was doing this whole process at the end of financing year! Also after I had made the decision to by the new one, my emotions took over and I wanted the new car!

I am now very happy with my new purchase – I get to drive it most days and we fight over who will drive it on the weekend’s (which I usually loose).  But what I did learn in the process was –

  • It is a stressful time
  • Doesn’t matter how much you think you know, you know nothing!
  • Emotions will win every time.

So if you are looking for a new car, give me a call, as I know the process and can give you some pointers.  If you don’t want the talk to the dealers, I can put you in touch with the “boys that know” and help you with your new car purchase.


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