01 Sep

Take The Hassle Out Of Car Buying!

Talk to us and save time and money!

These days we find ourselves with so much to do and so little time, yet we all love a new car when that time comes around!

But does it have to mean days of laborious shopping and driving around car dealers to figure out the best deal and availability for the right car to suit your needs?


As one of our clients just found out, he simply called us to arrange a pre- approval and during the conversation we told him we had access to a car buying service and put him in touch. He was looking for the latest Toyota Hilux SR5 Turbo Diesel Utility and the end result was that he ended up saving over $6,000 on his purchase.

We helped with the financing – so the whole package actually saved the client from the supposed discounted rates offered to client, from the dealer. https://laurentide.com.au/low-interest-or-no-interest-car-financing/

We can put you in touch with the same professionals that helped our client.  Not only will they do the shopping, but they will handle your enquiry with the utmost professionalism, do the haggling, and sort out the paperwork for you. Then the vehicle of your choice can be delivered to your door, with a full tank of petrol.

You haven’t had to leave your desk!

Got a trade in? Easy, we can organise the best price on your new car first and then have the winning dealer assess your trade in and evaluate it. This is the best and clearest way to know you have a competitive changeover figure.

OH BY THE WAY – The other important issue here is that taxes such as FBT (20%) and Stamp Duty on rego are calculated on the cost of the vehicle, so if the price for a vehicle we achieve is say $5,000 cheaper than the price on a dealer Subvention [https://laurentide.com.au/low-interest-or-no-interest-car-financing/] finance deal then the savings on these taxes alone are substantial!

We can help you whether you are a Business or Consumer customer!

Call us and find out how easy it can be to take the fuss out of buying a new car today.

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