18 Dec

Livestock Prices Remain Strong

I met up with long term client Todd Clements just before Christmas to see how the Livestock & Station Agency business was travelling  and to get an update on the cattle & sheep markets.

Todd has been with Bowyer & Livermore for over 10 years and a stock agent for more than 16.

When you chat to Todd you can feel the enthusiasm. “Our task is to get the best outcome for our clients, and we don’t stop until it’s done. We thrive on getting the best results, all day, every day”.

Todd says, “Having good people, with experience, local knowledge, knowing current trends and the market conditions is what it is all about”.

Bowyer & Livermore is one of the largest suppliers of stock to the weekly sheep and prime cattle markets at Carcoar saleyards.  Todd works with fellow livestock agents Nick Fogarty and Justin Guy in the Bathurst office.

Whilst buying and selling commercial livestock on behalf of their clients is the mainstay of their business, they also assist clients in many other ways. An example of this is managing agistment and weight gain programs between investors and farmers before taking the livestock to the market.

Todd says current strong sheep & cattle prices present lots of opportunities.

"Producers have been breeding for such a extended time and not getting a lot of results, but now they are being paid for the product they are delivering a good job on.

"Farming operations require large capital investment with lots of risks; it was about time they started to get something back from that."

Nurturing long lasting and solid relationships with customers is the heart of the business for the agents at Bowyer and Livermore.

"It's vital to keep fostering relationships and supporting the next generation, growing their business where they want it to grow - we are all here to grow each other’s' businesses."

Bowyer and Livermore have three offices - Bathurst, Oberon and Portland – with rural real estate agents, James Walton, Daren McFawn & Greg Ryan all having local expertise.

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