06 Apr

Relationships and other landmarks

This month some of us celebrated the 20-year anniversary of Macquarie Leasing, one of our key and longest standing financier relationships. We have watched Macquarie Leasing grow from a new finance company to the juggernaut it is today and WOW what an achievement.

By forging relationships with lenders and making friends with the executive teams it makes our working day so much more enjoyable, and allows us to help our clients better, to nut out complex deals while maintaining professional and personal relationship.

This also makes us reflect on our own 30-year anniversary, which is on the 1st July, this year.  A feat in its own right!  We have evolved and grown over the years, from originally 3 directors to now 6 directors, 8 brokers + assistants, and 3 support staff all working together to have the client’s best interests at heart.

We have had our fair share of trials, GFC being one of them and the fun of the 80’s, but what a ride!!  The original 3 directors have now retired but the business continues to grow.  It is our ability to change and adapt which has been a tribute to the strength and quality offering of our business.  Our staff who are the backbone of our business, are taught the importance of forming strong relationships, with financiers, and clients and what differences these can make. Most of our staff stay for 3-5 years, ever expanding their skills and diligence to Laurentide making for a harmonious office.

The brokers/directors are dedicated to forming strong relationship with our long standing and all new clients, as well as the relationship with all our financiers.  All these different business relationships have brought us to this point, of being 30 years of age and continuing to grow.

Building relationships is not tiresome, it just seems like a natural thing.  It is like doing business with your friends every day.  It makes for a fun and enjoyable working day.  Yes some days are tough and sometimes hard decisions need to be made, but by having a relationship with various people, it makes these conversations all the more easy.

We are very proud to be stronger than ever in 2018!

Many thanks to all our clients, financiers and indeed our staff for the success and relationships we have built in business since 1988.

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